Locals say that the Horseshoe is lucky – secrets keep well there – and the community will protect you from harm.   It doesn’t look much – a crescent of red brick terraces in  a down-at-heel Northern town   But for neighbours Janet, Polly and Sue  what they say is true, the secrets they keep tie them tight and they will do anything – literally anything  – to protect their families.  If only their daughters were more grateful – once best friends – the same secrets have made them strangers.  But even in the sleepy backwater of Topley things are changing. Brexit has sent shockwaves through the locals – first Polly’s estranged daughter Sarah turns up unexpectedly with a surprise confession and then brand new UK Independent Party M.P. Jerry Bishop disappears in mysterious circumstances. This leaves an empty seat to be filled and the ensuing campaign reveals more than just dirty tricks as Janet and Sue’s daughters  – the inexperienced left-winger Dawn and wily UKIP councillor Tina battle it out to be the town’s new M.P.  but eventually truth will out and the Horseshoe’s secrets finally threaten to blow it apart. 

New York City, 1940. A dilapidated house in Brooklyn Heights. The bohemian lifestyle of Benjamin Britten, WH Auden, Carson McCullers and Gypsy Rose Lee in the artistic community at 7 Middagh Street starts to unravel as World War II becomes a brutal reality. Exiled in America for his beliefs and a national disgrace Benjamin Britten must decide which way his conflicted political ideals lie but the constant parties, doomed affairs and John Dunne, the mysterious stranger provide aneasy distraction.

After a record breaking run at the Charing Cross Theatre in London’s West End, The show, a mixture of live action, rare archive media and 3D technology features over 28 of Dusty’s greatest songs and delight music fans of all ages and winning her a generation of new fans.

An extensive UK tour is con rmed with Eclipse Global Entertainment, a live media entertainment specialist company headed up Brian Berg the former MD of Universal Music, the owners of the Dusty catalogue. Brian created the Dreamboats and Petticoats album series which sold over 3 million CDs and went on to become a hit West End musical.

Blonde to Black Pictures was officially launched in 2012, with funding in place to develop and produce challenging, essential, quality films.

Blonde to Black Pictures Two Limited was incorporated in April 2014 by Emma Comley, Sadie Frost and Andrew Green as an independent film production company committed to developing and producing culturally relevant, genre defining independent films, that are both capable of winning awards as well as being commercially successful, with original stories that excite and entertain a broad target audience.

A family road movie about a 40 year old woman called GRACE who walks out on a dinner party to celebrate her 2Oth wedding anniversary telling her guests she’s going to get some more wine from the local off  licence but instead takes the first  flight out of the country and ends up going on a 1000km walk of self discovery across France and Spain.

British label Rockins combines 1920s-inspired bias-cut scarves and classic handkerchiefs with a distinctive Rock’n’Roll edge. As seen on Kate Moss, Rita Ora.

Vali is a brand born in Ibiza, the love child of Jana Sacha Haveman and Laura Castro. Both grew up on the island where they developed their distinctive style. Influenced by the beauty of their surroundings and the many eccentrics that have touched the white island.

The story of Vali is influenced by the wild and care free vitality of the libertine woman. The Vali woman is unashamedly expressive, enchantingly charismatic and strong – encapsulating an ethereal elegance. Her vibrant personality seduces and enraptures all who chance upon her. Vali creates statement clothing for powerful, free-spirited women. For the woman who lives in the present yet belongs in the past.

SecondScreen apps bridge the gap between fans and artists, venues and festivals, capturing the essence of live performances and giving users instant access to exclusive, behind-the-scenes content. Using cutting edge, white label technology we build tailored social media applications which create local networks for music events.

Each app brings users closer to their favourite artists, festivals and events, and allow fans to interact directly with intimate, backstage content that is unavailable anywhere else.

Gigwise is a British online music news site that features music news, photos, album reviews, music festivals, concert tickets and video content. Founded in June 2001, the site is based in London, England.

The site was launched in 2001 in Liverpool as a gig listings site. Over time, the site evolved into a music news site including reviews and interviews in its content. In 2006, the site relocated its main office to London. It was the UK’s 20th most-visited music news website in Dec 2010 ranking above NME.COM in the comScore reports.

LiveHub is the new way to live music. The standalone website profiles all of the SecondScreen apps content together, allowing audiences to share, comment and discover new artists, bands and events.

LiveHub also hosts a selection of Editor’s Picks: reviews, insight and comment from our carefully curated influencer network, meaning LiveHub users are always are the forefront of the UK’s live music scene.

TipOff is the first location based journalism application putting the tools in the hands of the public in the hope that they uncover newsworthy stories at a grass root level.

The “Flared” App is centered on an interactive mapping-interface that displays “Flares” – ethereal, digital signals allowing users to temporarily anchor specific moments to their favorite pubs, parks, and, well, places! Think of it as a “geo-locational Snapchat”.